Leadership Development Training & Coaching


Leadership Development

Most managers are in that position because they sell the most widgets, or work the hardest, or ‘manage up’ effectively. In the public sector, managers have to pass a written test before they get promoted.


But none of those skills translates into the ability to effectively lead and manage people.

Our exclusive leadership training programs have been presented to companies and organizations in 15 states and have received raves from participants.


Our most popular seminar is Eric Swenson’s Leadership Development Program, a 16 hour boot camp for managers of all experience and capabilities. It can be delivered in 2 days, or in 4 – four hour presentations.


Other examples of programs we offer are:


  • The Five Biggest Mistakes A Business Owner Makes

  • Non-Harassment Training for Managers & Supervisors

  • How To Discipline & Discharge An Employee

  • How To Recruit, Interview & Hire

  • Wage & Hour Issues

  • Performance Reviews – Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

  • HR Issues for the non-HR Manager

  • Managing People in the 21st Century

  • Leadership Success

  • Managing Millennials

  • Creating Accountability in an Age of Entitlement

  • Integrating the Corporate Strategic Vision With Your Own