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About RSJ/Swenson

RSJ/Swenson began as Swenson Consulting Services in 2003, providing human resources consulting for small businesses in Southern California.  After growing exponentially, we joined forces with the respected accounting firm Rose, Snyder & Jacobs in June, 2008.

Today, we are a talent management, development and human resources consulting firm specializing in the support of all businesses, with offices in California and Nevada. We serve as a “human resources manager” for businesses who are too small to employ a full-time staff member, and as a strategic consultant for businesses who need additional support without having to pay for a full-time employee to conduct such strategy.

Our client base includes businesses from all industries, and we serve employees in 37 states and Canada.  We specialize in start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses.  While we have a few large clients with over 1,000 employees, our median client size is about 81 employees.

The four main areas of our company:

Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing
Assist executives & HR professionals in small businesses by providing tactical advice & support in employee relations, through compliance audits and employee handbooks via on-site, part-time, or by phone and e-mail.

Talent Management & Leadership Development
Companies ready to take “the next step” utilize RSJ/Swenson to develop plans to grow and develop their workforce, through strategic programs such as employee engagement surveys, leadership training programs, our exclusive 5 A’s of a Great EmployeeTM program, and more.

Business Services Provider
RSJ/Swenson provides content to LMS and HRMS systems through a series of on-demand webinars, employee forms library, live seminars, and employer hotlines.  Insurance brokers and other professional services providers take advantage of our HR AnswerPro program by providing their clients with a professional and inexpensive means to improve their HR experience.

Content Developer
Current projects available or in development:
  • The Destination Employer - Book, online, and consulting program co-developed with renowned ethicist Michael Josephson
  • Managing People in the 21st Century - Book and leadership program by Eric Swenson
  • Understanding The Next Generation Global Workforce - Book, online & consulting program co-developed and co-written with New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Kushell